Wednesday, June 5, 2013

He Who Must Not Be Named.

It is amazing to me how other peoples' bad choices can so effect our lives.

Just got back a few days ago from Golden Colorado where "Sculptor Boy" Jeffrey Burnham Rudolph (alias the coolest hubby in the world) had to remove the name from the biker monument he did for the city.

The race winning biker, who must now not be named, was a naughty boy and got caught doping. So the city who was so proud of him at first, was a tad embarrassed.

Hence, Jeff had to grind it off and refinish the piece. Not an easy job, even if it were not so annoying. Bronzes are hollow. And as he was afraid would happen, a hole showed up. It was only by divine intervention and a little help from some great city workers, that he was able to rent a portable TIG welder (didn't even know there was such a thing before, YAY for modern technology!) and fix the problem.

Now Golden has a newly genericised biker monument which they plan to install on Washington Ave. right across from the bike shop.