Friday, April 8, 2011

Sculpting in Plaster

We call this fellow "Horse Fly." Jeff seems to be into horses lately.

On this one, he's working with plaster. The beauty of plaster is that it is both additive and subtractive in nature. It can be built up like clay and yet you can carve it like stone and polish it. For someone who loves to carve, it's a great medium to turn to when stone is not an option. This piece is a good example of that. It wouldn't be possible to make a stone stand on one thin leg without breaking.
However, when "Horse Fly" is finished,  it will be molded and cast in bronze. Plaster is great to work with, but it isn't very durable in the long term.

This is a dynamic piece of work, lots of motion and tension in the anatomy. It's going to be a show stopper when it's finished. Watch the web page for further info on this horse sculpture...

(See Jeff sculpt. Jeff scupts good. I like Jeff. Go Jeff, go.) :)