Friday, March 25, 2011

Howdy all!

Meet Jeff, my favorite sculptor. I suppose he should introduce himself, but he's busy creating art right now, so you're stuck with me, his wife. Some day I'll make him sit down and write stuff about himself, maybe...

He's in his studio/workshop, or as some would say his Atelier. I learned that word yesterday, aren't French words romantic? Jeff's Atelier isn't all that romantic actually. It's generally a mess. An artist friend of ours says that most art studios look like the inside of a goat's stomach. Jeff's fits that description well. But hey, to quote Bob Brown who owns the Big Horn Gallery here in Cody. "We aint runnin' no museum." This is a working studio, and art is messy.

So here's Jeff with his work in progress, "Pony Tales." It's in the clay stage and I think it's coming along nicely, but I would have to say that wouldn't I? You agree don't you, that it's looking good?

Here in Cody Wyoming we would call this a good old kids horse. It's willing to stand still and let this little girl enjoy her book while soaking up the summer sun. Fact is maybe the old horse even enjoys it too. He's a part of their family.

Jeff enjoys working in clay. It's very forgiving, unlike stone, which is what he likes to work with the best. Clay lets him play with the anatomy until he gets it just the way he wants it. He works in a hard oil based clay which holds the details well and lets him get a good copy from it.

Eventually this piece will be cut up, made molds of, and cast in bronze. It's a long process and we hope to let you in on the different parts as we go along. The clay stage is the most creative part of a bronze. That's when it becomes whatever it is going to be. It's exciting to see bare wires and lumps of brown goo turn into a horse with a little girl lounging on top. I've done some art myself, and I can tell you that nothing feels better than when you look at what your hands have done and it actually looks how you pictured it in your mind. Jeff's just about there on this one.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished bronze.

Hope you enjoy meeting Jeff,
In all frienship,
Norma T. Rudolph